The Limited PC Repair package is tailored to your needs. This package offers more than computer repair, support, and virus removal at any time. This service provides our clients with a stress free work environment. Computer system problems are usually unexpected and should be granted immediate attention but in most cases are ignored and worked around. Ignoring and working around the problem typically leads to bigger problems. This package allows our clients to call 24/7/365 to get the problem handled immediately, professionally, and efficiently. For 25% of the Advanced PC Repair package per month you can be worry free with your technology. The Limited PC Repair package allows our clients to purchase minutes as they need them.

This amazing package allows limited use of the Quick & Easy Fix package and Advanced PC Repair package for as many minutes as you have remaining. We provide you with a direct toll free number to a live technician located in the US that speaks your language. No matter what question or issue you present a technician is available to you around the clock to help.


  • 100 Prepaid Minutes  –  $250
  • 500 Prepaid Minutes  –  $800
  • 1000 Prepaid Minutes  – $1350
   Limited PC Repair / Help Desk Includes:
  • Limited Access of Quick & Easy Fix Package
  • Limited Access of Advanced PC Repair Package
  • Dedicated Toll Free Access Number
  • 24x7x365 Technician Availability
  • Certified Technicians in the United States
  • Support Center Located in California
  • Support via Phone, Email, Live Chat, Remote Control
  • Ticket Tracking
  • Escalation of Support after 7 minutes
  • ISP Support
  • Technicians receive compensation upon quality
  • Reduce the need for a full-time IT staff member


*$300 Flat Fee is based on a single user for 1 year.