Forget IT

We use the latest technology to allow our clients to forget about their IT maintenance needs. Whether it be an enterprise server, small business server, desktop, laptop or netbook; Forget about it with iNFLUX PC’s ForgetIT. We have the capability to fully manage your network at a very low cost. Stop stressing about managing your network; ForgetIT with iNFLUX PC.

We developed this service with home users and small business owners in mind. ForgetIT allows every scale of computer user to have a personal IT department on hand for a minimal fee. This service truly allows the user to forget about maintaining their system. This service provides stress relief as ForgetIT will keep the systems in top working order 24/7/365.

We install a Kaseya® agent that runs as a background service. The agent uses minimal resources to allow maximum system performance. Whenever the system is powered on we can fully manage the computer with zero hands on from our clients. The agent reports system information to our servers and allows us to maintain and monitor each computer. With permission we have the ability to remote control each system without user intervention which allows us to work our magic anytime of the day or night.

Virtually you can have unlimited systems under our ForgetIT plan. The agent is installed on each machine and reports to our servers which are equipped and configured to handle any load.

iNFLUX PC will maintain and monitor your network for the low cost of $14.99/system/month.
A special rate of $9.99/system/month may be obtained for larger networks.

Besides installing the agent on each of your systems there are NO other configurations needed. We keep your network most secure by NOT requiring any open ports in firewalls.

ForgetIT allows us to do just about everything with a system as if we are sitting right in front of it. Here is is how powerful ForgetIT is.

  • Auditing – Audits the systems for all installed software and hardware which helps speed up the troubleshooting process. Auditing allows us to collect pertinent information to maintaining optimal system performance such as operating system, hardware and usage, IP and DNS, Disk and even Printer information. Having all of this information will allow us to see any changes at the time of trouble as well as make recommendation to improve your network. Auditing gives us the ability to provide a full paper report to our clients.
  • Scripting – Scripting allows us to write simple or complex scripts which can run as automated tasks. Service scripts such as defrag, check disk or other maintenance scripts can be scheduled to help ensure your system is running at top performance. Scripting also allows us to manage software updates and much more. In short, scripting is an easy way to perform the tasks which 90% of users fail to.
  • Monitoring – Monitoring allows iNFLUX PC to instantly be notified via text message and email in the event of system degrade or failure. Monitoring is running 24/7/365 so long as the system is online. Monitoring give us the ability to be proactive in taking care of your network. We can fix the little problems before the major ones occur. We monitor hardware failures, software failures, trouble ticket requests, event logs, security threats and more.
  • Ticketing – Trouble ticket requests can be placed. Most tickets can take just matter of minutes to resolve with our ForgetIT service. As tickets arrive from our customers we will be notified instantly. We then review the tickets and make a determination if the completion of the request can be done within the $14.99/system/month fee. If the request is more complex we will send off an estimate of cost. Ticketing also allows us to keep a history of our clients requests which will be used to better serve them by making past solutions easier to find.
  • Patch Management – ForgetIT allows our customers to forget about their operating systems updates. We set policies and approve or deny system updates which will keep the update headaches away. Staying up to date will keep the system more secure from threats.
  • Remote Control – Our agent allows us to easily get our hands on the system from remote locations in the event that we need to see what our clients are seeing. This saves travel fees and time which keeps your IT budget even lower.
  • Reporting – With ForgetIT we have the ability to provide full system and network reporting. Machine Summaries, Patch Summaries, Inventory, Software Summaries, Disk/CPU/RAM Utilizations Reports, Network Statistics, Uptime History, Logs and Ticketing Reports. This information allows us to keep full watch on your network to maintain its integrity and stability.

And Much More