Risk Mitigation

iNFLUX PC offers risk mitigation services. Below are several services that are offered to help secure and assess business networks and websites.

Network Security Assessment:
iNFLUX PC will assess the security of individual computers on your network. This service offers a look for vulnerabilities in exposed services, configuration settings, etc.
iNFLUX PC will include a full report of vulnerabilities, along with recommendations on fixing problems found. Have an iNFLUX PC security expert meet with you today.


Number of IP’s Pricing
1-10 $60/ea
11-20 $55/ea
21-50 $50/ea
51-100 $45/ea
101-200 $40/ea
201-500 $35/ea
501-1000 $30/ea
1001+ $25/ea

Web Site/Application Security Assessment:
This service is a manual security assessment of custom web applications. Have you recently had a web application or software developed for your company? Hiring iNFLUX PC to assess them is highly recommended. The assessment looks for common web app flaws that could be used to harvest sensitive information (SQL Injection), or flaws that would allow an attacker to use the web app to attack visitors to the site (XSS). This type of assessment focuses on the software running on a website.

Number of Pages Pricing
1-5 $110/ea
11-20 $105/ea
21-50 $100/ea
51-100 $95/ea
101-200 $90/ea
201-500 $85/ea
501-1000 $80/ea
1001+ $75/ea

iNFLUX PC will assess these pages with a combination of manual and automated methods. These prices include a written report and a meeting with the client to explain the results.




Security Awareness Training Classes:
1, 2 or 3-hour training class on a variety of topics such as avoiding malware infections, phishing, social engineering, securely storing and transmitting data, wireless etc. The class can be tailored to your needs. This class is priced at $100 per hour.

Malicious Software Assessment:
Get a full assessment of a computer to detect the presence of malicious software. This service goes much deeper than just scanning it with an anti-virus tool. Includes assessing the network traffic produced by the computer to detect bot-net infections and rootkits. Also includes a written analysis of the protections being used and recommendations for improvement.

Number of Systems Pricing
1-5 $60/ea
11-20 $55/ea
21-50 $50/ea
51-100 $45/ea
101-200 $40/ea
201-500 $35/ea
501-1000 $30/ea
1001+ $25/ea


Wireless Security Assessment:
iNFLUX PC will assess the security of both wireless access points and any computers connected to them. Our security experts will meet with you and provide a full detailed report on the assessment.

Number of AP’s Pricing
1-10 $80/ea
11-20 $75/ea
21-50 $70/ea
Number of Systems Pricing
1-5 $50/ea
6-20 $45/ea
21-50 $40/ea
51-100 $35/ea
101-200 $30/ea
201-500 $25/ea
501+ $20/ea

Business Process Assessment:
iNFLUXPC can offer a full assessment of the processes that are used to obtain, transmit, and store sensitive information. A security expert will interview you and provide a full report of potential risk points and recommendations for improvement. Common types of issues identified could include: storing data on unencrypted hard drives or thumb drives, sending and receiving sensitive info via unencrypted email, not having a backup solution, etc.