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Kindle Fire Screen Repair

Kindle Fire Screen Repair – Lighter and Smaller

Devices are constantly getting lighter and smaller. This creates a problem, people drop them, step on them, or set heavy items on them, which leads to shattered screens and other damages. What is the natural response to broken tablets, phones, or 2-in-1’s with shattered screens?! Consumers go out and spend big bucks on protective gear such as screen protectors, cases, and other accessories to ensure the safety of their beloved device. The Kindle Fire shown below was stepped on so the protective case didn’t help one bit.


Is the device worth the repair?

Consider if the device is worth repairing. Is it cheaper to buy a new device? Is it cheaper to buy and “new-to-you” (used) device? Is it worth the money to repair if there are cheaper alternatives? With technology changing and improving every day, sometimes it’s worth it to just upgrade. This is especially the case for devices that fall under $100 brand new. If you are repairing flagship handhelds such as iPads, Galaxy Tabs, and Asus Transformers, those are well worth the investment to repair. $50 Kindle Fire’s, not so much. The screen digitizer (the glass layer of the screen that detects the touch) can be half the cost of a new device. This doesn’t include a new LCD screen panel which just adds to the expense.

Do it yourself?

Screen repair is not easy; however, if you have the right parts, tools, access to YouTube, and a whole lot of patience, you can probably do it yourself. This saves you money!.. Many times it’s easier to replace the digitizer, screen, and bezel all in one.


For the scenario pictured below, we repaired the shattered screen on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7. Fortunately, the LCD panel was still good. Only the first layer glass (digitizer) was cracked but the screen below appear just fine. We ordered the parts 2 day air and got it swapped out the same day the parts arrived. We’ll admit it was a tough job. We had to use our heat gun to soften the glue between the digitizer and the bezel! All the components tested working and the customer was super happy to get it back in one piece without having to buy a new one and reload all their apps and data on it.

How many times have you broken a screen on any device?


Kindle Fire Screen Repair


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How to Fix the “Couldn’t Install on USB or SD Card” error message on Android

Have you ever seen this message on your Android phone? I have been an avid user of Android since the very first Android Google Phone; the T-Mobile G1. I am now using the T-Mobile G2 which is really a HTC Desire Z and I love it. Now I have my eyes set on the G2x. I have never really experienced any problems with my phones until the other day. The market would show I have several updates that needed to be installed. I’d click the “Update All” icon and wait for them all to download. This is where I started noticing a problem. All the installations were for some reason unsuccessful. After clicking on the Installation was unsuccessful notification I would get an error message similar to the one here that said “Installation Error: Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD Card.” As you can imagine this to be super frustrating. What’s this? An Angry Birds update? Awesome! WHAT?!?! NOOOO! It’s not updating! I tried several basic troubleshooting steps like powering down the phone and powering it back on, mounting and unmounting the SD card, pulling the battery and SD card and replacing; nothing.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to fix the problem without losing any of your data. Although you will not lose your data it is always good practice to back it up before tampering with it. Please follow these instructions to get rid of this annoying Android caused Error Message. As far as I am aware all Android phones are prone to this message at one point or another. The problem appears to stem from a corrupt app installation and the temporary/cache file needs to be cleared.


  1. Plug the phone into your computer via USB cable.
  2. Tap the “Turn on USB Storage” on your device.
  3. Copy the contents of your SD Card / “Removable Disk” to a safe place on your computer. *If you do not have a current backup of your data.
  4. Find and Open the .android_secure folder on your Android’s SD Card.
  5. Find the file named smdl2tmp1.asec and rename it to smdl2tmp1.asec_backup.
  6. Tap the “Turn off USB Storage” button on your phone.
  7. Unplug your phone, power it off, and power it back on.
This method will fix the error message and get you using the latest Android Market apps and games.
Please let us know how this method works for you!