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Play Angry Birds from PC

Who doesn’t like Angry Birds? Well besides Green Pig, Mustache Pig, King Pig, and Helmet Pig? Angry Birds first came out on the iPhone and now is available on the Android Market. There are some hilarious Angry Birds YouTube videos to get you in the spirit, so go find them. In case you have lived in a cave since 2009, Angry Birds is a puzzle game that is super fun, funny, and addicting. Just load your extra grumpy bird into a massive sling shot and shoot it at those dang pigs hiding out in all sorts of structures. The more death and damage you do, the higher your score; the higher your score, the more stars you receive. Of course with more stars brings more bragging rights and valuable street credibility. Now there is a way to play the game from your very own laptop or desktop. No need to go out and buy an expensive smart phone and data plan just to start playing, so get started!


While Angry Birds is nothing new, now you can play it from your computer with Google Chrome! Go download Google Chrome Web Browser. Google Chrome is a much better alternative to Internet Explorer anyway and not just because of Angry Birds! Go play Angry Birds now!


Oh and don’t forget to download your Angry Birds Chrome Theme!