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Who’s that Logo?

iNFLUX PC is proud to introduce our new business logo this month. For several weeks we have been brain storming and surveying the public with these ideas in order  to reach our final logo decision. 14 days later we have our newest member of iNFLUX PC Technology Consulting & Services; the logo. We find this logo design is more professional, exciting and fits our high speed business style. We hope our potential clients will see this logo as a symbol of us moving forward with technology.

Whether you own a small business startup or a large corporation you can count on us as your logo designer. All of our logo styles are custom created from scratch. We do not use logo templates to create your business identity. We have access to top graphic designers around the world who are willing and able to create a logo that works for you.

Starting a small business is no simple task. Trust us to handle the tough part of creating the face of your company. Please visit our Logo and Graphic Design page for more information and samples.