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You no longer have to put up with slow performing computers, viruses, software issues, or printing problems. iNFLUX PC’s $150 Flat Rate Fix says it all. The Flat Rate Fix Package package is designed for taking care of our customers.

We believe customers should not have to explain what the exact issue is or wait around for “Geek’s” to provide pricing quotes. It’s easy… just tell us that you are having a problem and for $150 we will fix it and then some. You’ll have a full detailed report of tasks performed when the work is complete. Here is what you get…

  • One Flat Rate for every computer
  • Fix all customer identified problems
  • Virus, Spyware, and Bloatware Removal
  • Install FREE maintenance tools
  • Performance, Security, and Optimization Enhancements
  • Windows & Application Updates
  • Consulting, Education, and Recommendation List

We’ll come to you, you can come to us, or we can remote into your computer from a distance; whatever is most comfortable to you.

Owning a computer can be frustrating at times and iNFLUX PC is here to help you all along the way. Our trained computer experts will help troubleshoot your problems and provide lasting solutions quickly and professionally.

What issue are you experiencing?
  • Slow Computer / Internet
  • Logging On or Forgotten Password
  • Printing
  • Virus & Spyware
  • Software Installations / Repairs
  • Software Updates
  • Picture / Video / Doc Backups
  • Deleted / Missing Files
  • Low Disk Space
  • Devices Not Working
  • Battery not charging
  • Cracked Screen
  • Web Security (Pornography)
  • Website & Pop-ups