Today we changed our phone numbers for the Phoenix Arizona area. Existing numbers will still be active until everything has been reprinted and updated on business cards, websites and client address books. iNFLUXPC’s new main office number is now 623-239-2015. You are welcome to find all updated information on our contact page.

Mark and I also changed our iNFLUXPC mobile telephone numbers. Mark can now be reached directly by dialing 623-239-2013. I can be reached at 623-239-2014. We realized we should have nailed down business numbers from the very beginning; however, times change! We hope that this change will better suit our customers as well as ourselves. Also, we are currently looking for an economical solution for a toll free number. We understand that cell phones have changed the need for hosting a toll free number but we would like to cater to all of our customers.

Please change your address books to the new information.

Thanks again!
iNFLUXPC Owner’s

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