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Introducing Unlimited Help Desk!

I am super excited to announce a new addition to our service list. Please join us in welcoming Unlimited Help Desk to iNFLUXPC. A 4000 sqft support center is located in Los Angeles. Our clients will love the instant technical support for a very low rate. Businesses of all sizes have the opportunity to take full advantage of this service. Many companies are not quite at the point in which they demand a full-time IT staff; so what do they do when they need help? Many companies call smaller IT companies like ourselves and pay high premiums to resolve their problems. This happens because the problem grow worse as time goes on. This solution allows our customers to call for anything, big or small, day or night. Calling for support often allows the upcoming big problems to turn out minor. Think of it like maintenance on a vehicle. The more often you care for a car by giving it oil changes, tire checks and baths; the less frequent you will see major problem arise.

A million jokes can be told about the communication barriers that exist between the computer user and technical support. We have eliminated this issue by keeping our support center inside of the United States. By eliminating this barrier we prove to have clear communication in addition to quick resolution times.

We offer our customers a dedicated toll free (1-800) number to contact our support center. This number does not mess around! You will be guided directly to a certified technician in under three minutes. What is that you are thinking? You say you work on all major holidays and into the late hours of the evening? While this may be a problem for your social life, this is not a problem for us! Our support center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. Try it, you might like it. We’ll fix your issue any time or any day of the year.
Frustrations can arise quickly when a customer feels like her or she is being dragged in a circle for a solution to the problem. We understand this frustration, which is why we have placed a policy to escalate you to a more knowledgeable technician if the problem isn’t resolved after seven minutes. There are very few limitations to the Help Desk service. Our technicians will reset passwords, make domain changes, setup e-mail accounts or configure printers; as long as your system is available online. They do not stop there. They have been trained to remove infections caused by viruses and malware.

The introductory pricing is set at only $25 per user per month. This is a extraordinary deal for any client. Whether it be individuals, small offices or larger corporations; this service will prove financial savings for anyone’s pocket.



Please contact us by phone if you just can’t believe your eyes!

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