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Upgrade Your Memory!

Want to uplift your computer right away without having to shell out a massive amount of money? The best thing you can do to instantly see a performance increase in your PC is to upgrade its memory. RAM plays a huge part in the responsiveness of your computer. Everything your computer processes relies on the amount of memory your system has; why not max it out? This is like buying the super-unleaded gas for your car versus buying the cheapest unleaded possible. You’ll see a noticeable different instantly.

Each type of computer motherboard has a memory limitation as well as the version of your operating system. Many consumer grade systems today have the ability to max the memory out at 4GB, 8GB or more of RAM. How much do you have? These systems typically have two or four slots available for your system memory. Whether you run on a laptop or a desktop, more than likely you are NOT maxed out. Computer manufactures typically sell you a system with the least amount of RAM possible. At first your computer runs super fast but as you add more and more programs that run hidden in the background the system slows down. Going back to the manufacturer to complain about slowness is what they hope you do. They will upgrade your RAM to fix the problem but it will come at a great expense.

Depending on the type of operating system you may also be limited. 32-bit operating systems like x86 versions of Windows XP can only utilize 3GB of RAM, while Windows Vista x64 or Windows 7 x64 can handle anywhere from 4GB to 192GB of RAM. I recommend that Windows XP systems run with a bare minimum of 2GB’s of RAM. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users should have a bare minimum of 3GB.

What happens if you don’t have enough RAM? Windows XP sitting idle with nothing else running in the background will use 500+MB of RAM. Windows Vista and Windows 7 will usually sit idle at 1GB+. Keep in mind this is just sitting idle, doing absolutely nothing. Each time you open a program or a web site you are using more and more RAM. Your operating system will recognize you do not have enough RAM and temporarily store your programs in what is called a page file. This file sits on your hard drive and is accessed like your memory but at much slower speeds. Ideally you want to have enough RAM so your page file is used as little as possible.

Upgrading your memory (RAM) is the way to go! It instantly speeds up your PC and your multitasking capabilities. Find out how much RAM you have today! We have been helping our clients all around Goodyear, Avondale and Phoenix Arizona upgrade their systems to get great performance with their day-to-day tasks!

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