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Kindle Fire Screen Repair

Kindle Fire Screen Repair – Lighter and Smaller

Devices are constantly getting lighter and smaller. This creates a problem, people drop them, step on them, or set heavy items on them, which leads to shattered screens and other damages. What is the natural response to broken tablets, phones, or 2-in-1’s with shattered screens?! Consumers go out and spend big bucks on protective gear such as screen protectors, cases, and other accessories to ensure the safety of their beloved device. The Kindle Fire shown below was stepped on so the protective case didn’t help one bit.


Is the device worth the repair?

Consider if the device is worth repairing. Is it cheaper to buy a new device? Is it cheaper to buy and “new-to-you” (used) device? Is it worth the money to repair if there are cheaper alternatives? With technology changing and improving every day, sometimes it’s worth it to just upgrade. This is especially the case for devices that fall under $100 brand new. If you are repairing flagship handhelds such as iPads, Galaxy Tabs, and Asus Transformers, those are well worth the investment to repair. $50 Kindle Fire’s, not so much. The screen digitizer (the glass layer of the screen that detects the touch) can be half the cost of a new device. This doesn’t include a new LCD screen panel which just adds to the expense.

Do it yourself?

Screen repair is not easy; however, if you have the right parts, tools, access to YouTube, and a whole lot of patience, you can probably do it yourself. This saves you money!.. Many times it’s easier to replace the digitizer, screen, and bezel all in one.


For the scenario pictured below, we repaired the shattered screen on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7. Fortunately, the LCD panel was still good. Only the first layer glass (digitizer) was cracked but the screen below appear just fine. We ordered the parts 2 day air and got it swapped out the same day the parts arrived. We’ll admit it was a tough job. We had to use our heat gun to soften the glue between the digitizer and the bezel! All the components tested working and the customer was super happy to get it back in one piece without having to buy a new one and reload all their apps and data on it.

How many times have you broken a screen on any device?


Kindle Fire Screen Repair


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Toshiba Satellite L305-S5958 Laptop Repair

This week a customer dropped off a Toshiba Satellite L305-S5958 laptop that has truly seen better days! The laptop wasn’t charging because of a broken DC jack. The jack was shattered into 4 or 5 pieces and even severed from the harness and bottom shell. My guess is that someone dropped the laptop perfectly onto the charging cable while plugged into the jack or they stepped on it; who knows?! You can see the DC wire harness here with the severed positive and ground cables that are supposed to connect to the jack itself.


After pulling apart the laptop, we noticed that it desperately needed a new bottom shell. The bottom shell that we ordered came with the wire harness and DC jack for ($10); score! DC jack repairs are much easier when a harness is in the mix. These jacks simply plug into the motherboard with a 4-pin connector as opposed to unsoldering and resoldering a new jack directly to the motherboard. The old bottom shell had cracked plastic all over and was missing the rubber feet too so it was well worth the replace.

We did a few other repairs to it at well. Some of the keys were missing or stuck down. We decided it was best to just order a brand new keyboard for $10.

The laptop could still use a new battery for $15 and a new screen bezel that has a hairline crack in it but other than that it is ready to go! As usual we removed 30+ viruses and optimized the system for best performance.

Our customer watched YouTube videos on how to perform Toshiba Satellite L305-S5958 laptop repairs but admitted it was more difficult that it looked and decided on us.



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800 million Android smartphones, 300 million iPhones in active use by December 2013, study says


February 6, 2013 9:26 AM

By the end of this current year, 1.4 billion smartphones will be in use: 798 million of them will run Android, 294 million will run Apple’s iOS, and 45 million will run Windows Phone, according to a new study by ABI Research.

The ABI study factors in an annual smartphone growth rate of 44 percent for 2013, which is just ever-so-slightly down from 2012′s 45 percent but is still a torrid pace. ABI also predicts that 20 million BlackBerry 10 phones will be in active use at year-end.

The result of that growth — and a push for share by Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 — is a global customer market share of 57 percent for Android, 21 percent of iOS, and 3 percent for Windows Phone. Which sounds big for Android, but is actually significantly down from its third-quarter 2012 performance, in which Android captured almost 70 percent global market share.

It’s also a significant divergence in the global numbers from U.S-specific sales, which show Apple leading the market with over 50 percent share in the last quarter thanks largely to both new users and older models of iPhones.

But perhaps the most startling prediction? The bit players will start to become serious contenders again, ABI says.

“2013 should be seen as relative success for both Microsoft and BlackBerry,” analyst Aapo Markkanen said in a statement. “For the end of the year, we expect there to be 45 million Windows Phone handsets in use, with BlackBerry 10 holding an installed base of close to 20 million. Microsoft will also have 5.5 million Windows-powered tablets to show for it.”

For tablets, Markkanen is predicting continued hyper-growth: 125 percent, which will result in 268 million tablets in use. Sixty-two percent will iOS, he says, and 28 percent will run Android.

Image credit: Etsy


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Microsoft working to unify further its Windows and Windows Phone platforms

Original Article found here:
Summary: A new Microsoft job posting indicates Microsoft is planning to enable Windows apps to run without modification on Windows Phone and vice versa.

Mary Jo Foley

By  for All About Microsoft |

It’s not too surprising, but it’s good to know: Microsoft is actively moving toward making its Windows Phone apps available on Windows, and its Windows 8/Windows RT apps on Windows Phone.

According to a new job post on the Microsoft careers site – thanks@Windows4Live and for the find — Microsoft is seeking a software development engineer in test (SDET) to help make this possible.

From the February 7 Windows Phone team job posting:

Are you excited about Windows Phone? Are you passionate about delivering the best possible experience to the developer community? Do you wish the code you write for Windows Store apps would just work on the Windows Phone and vice versa? If so, then this is the role for you! 

(Note: Windows Store apps are Metro-Style apps, for those still stymied by Microsoft’s naming conventions.)

“We are looking for a highly motivated and technically strong SDET to help our team bring together the Windows Store and Phone development platforms,” the job post continued. To make this happen, Microsoft is “bring(ing) much of the WinRT API (application programming interface) surface and the .NET Windows Store profile to the Phone,” according to the job post.

“You will work closely with your developer and PM (product program manager) counterparts to solve the technical challenges of bringing a platform built for desktops and tablets to the phone form factor,” the job posting noted.

Currently, Microsoft does not allow Windows Phone apps to be sold in the Windows Store without modification. There are more than 150,000 Windows Phone apps in the Windows Phone Store at present. Microsoft officials have not said officially how many Windows apps are in the Windows Store, but it’s believed to be considerably fewer (in spite of accidental executive promises to the contrary).

Microsoft officials have insisted there is a considerable amount of code reuse possible for developers who’ve built for Windows Phone and want to move their apps to Windows 8/Windows RT — and vice versa. Some developers have said they’ve found this to be true; others claim there’s more work to be done than they expected in moving from one platform to the other.

According to Microsoft officials, the developer platform for Windows Phone 8, which are powered by ARM processors, and Windows RT — the version of Windows that runs on ARM processors — is “similar.” But it’s not exactly the same. The two operating systems (Windows Phone and Windows 8/Windows RT) “do not have unified runtimes and application programming interfaces exposed,”officials acknowledged last year.

The move to get both sets of apps to run interchangeably on the two platforms fits in with Microsoft’s overarching goal to bring together the Windows 8/Windows RT and Windows Phone code bases and developer platforms. Microsoft made progress toward this goal in 2012, but for now, the Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone platforms are not identical. The Windows Phone 8 operating system does include the Windows NT core, however.

I’d think Windows Blue, the wave of next-generation Windows and Windows Phone platform releases, may be key to the move toward a common Windows Phone and Windows 8/Windows RT Store experience. According to sources, Microsoft will be making some changes at the API and kernel level to Windows as part of the Blue release, which may arrive as soon as this summer/fall, if the rumors are right.

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Schmidt to Sell Google Stake Worth $2.5 Billion

Please find original Article here:


Google Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt plans to sell stock valued at $2.5 billion over the next year as part of a trading plan that will cut his stake in the Internet firm by more than 40%.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company said in a regulatory filing on Friday that Mr. Schmidt plans to sell 3.2 million shares of stock over the next year. Mr. Schmidt owned 7.6 million shares of Google as of Dec. 31, according to the filing. At Friday’s closing price of $785.37, the shares being sold would have a value of $2.5 billion.

ReutersGoogle Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt plans to sell 40% of his holdings in the firm over the next year.

Google added Mr. Schmidt is selling the shares “as part of his long-term strategy for individual asset diversification and liquidity.”

“This is a routine diversification of assets and Eric remains completely committed to Google,” a Google spokeswoman said in an email.

The 57-year-old Mr. Schmidt, who joined Google as chief executive in 2001 from Novell Inc., used a similar plan to sell roughly 1.8 million Google shares, valued at $1.2 billion, over the past year, according to If he completes the newly planned sales, Mr. Schmidt will have reduced his stake in Google by more than half over two years.

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors of all time. MarketWatch’s Rex Crum looks at stocks Mr. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway and insiders within the company have bought over the past 90 days. (Photo: AP/Getty Images)

In a recent report, investment bank Goldman Sachs & Co. published a list of the stocks with the greatest upside potential. MarketWatch’s Laura Mandaro discusses what stocks made it on the list. (Photo: AP)

If he sells the shares, Mr. Schmidt would still own 1.3% of Google, down from 2.3% as of Dec. 31, 2012. He would control 5% of Google’s voting power, since some of his shares have additional voting power.

Before last year, Mr. Schmidt rarely sold any of his Google shares. From 2008 through 2010, he didn’t sell any.

Forbes magazine in September ranked Mr. Schmidt the 45th-richest American, with a net worth of $7.5 billion. He stepped down as CEO in April 2011 and became Google’s executive chairman.

Google shares have risen 29% over the past year, giving the company a market value of $259 billion.

Mr. Schmidt has written a book, “The New Digital Age,” which is to be published by Random House in April. In January, he traveled to North Korea, where, he later said, he urged leaders of the isolated country to open Internet access to boost the economy.

Write to Scott Thurm at

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Free Antivirus Software

I recommend free versions of antivirus software to my residential clients. Free versions can prove just as powerful as the paid versions. I usually recommend FREE AVG. I have been using the free version of AVG for over 10 years and really like it’s protection. Lately, I have been testing out Microsoft’s free antivirus software called Microsoft Security Essentials. I have put this free version through the ringer and have come to really like it. Residential versions of Norton/Symantec and McAfee are, in my opinion, are junk. They consume high resources and are attacked more frequently. Not only are they troublesome to the home users, they cost a lot of money each year.

I want to give everyone a challenge. If you use Norton or McAfee on your home computer; uninstall it and try any one of the recommended antivirus programs. Let me know what your experience is like. I would like to think you will experience a smoother desktop environment, less problems with viruses, and more money in your wallet.

Here are are the FREE ANTI-VIRUS programs I recommend most:


What free antivirus software do you like and recommend?

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GoDaddy Promo Codes – July 2011

iNFLUX PC is all about saving you money! We have our clients wallets in mind when we offer services. Here is the updated list of GoDaddy Promotional Codes for July 21, 2011. You can use these codes to save money on your hosting, domain fees, and other purchases from Please let us know if any of these are no longer working and we will update the post. As of today all codes have been tested an verified. Keep in mind GoDaddy may automatically apply a code in which case multiple codes cannot be used. Enjoy!


Avondale, Goodyear, Phoenix, Peoria, Arizona!
Most Popular Codes: Great Deals from GoDaddy!
cjc749chp  $7.49 .Com domain registration (not for Renewals)
cjc795dom $7.95 .Com RENEWALS (Save more then 35%)
cjctld749  $7.49 .Net .Org .Biz
cjcchp20 Save 20% on ALL hosting plans
cjchost711 DELUXE Web Hosting for the price of Economy!
cjc199HSTG Web Hosting from just $1.99 per month for 3 months! Plus, GoDaddy now
cjcssl12t2  Save more than 50% on SSL certificates /$12.99 SSL certification
 Avondale Computer Repair
General Codes: Save for ANY product on your order with these codes.
cjconeoff Save $1 on your order
cjcchp10  Save 10% off your order -No minumum-Works for Renewals also
cjcchp30  Save $5 off your order $30 or more-May work for Renewals also
cjcsave Save $5 off your order $30 or more
cjcchp50 Save $10 off your order $50 or more-may work for renewals also-
cjcsave10  Save $10 off your order $50 or more
cjcchp75  Save 15% off your order $75 or more–For renewals also-
gdz719a  Save 20% off your order $90 or more
gdz742a  Save 25% off your order $65 or more
gdz718a  Save 25% off your order
 Goodyear Computer Repair
More GoDaddy Promotional Codes
gdz745a Save 30% off .Com renewal and plus 50% off private registration
cjc749chp $7.49 .Com domain registration (not for Renewals)
cjc749t2 $7.49 .Com domain registrations
cjc349us  $3.49 .Us domain registrations
gdbb776 Renew your .Mobi domains for $10.99-save over 40% and .Tv domains
fbresell30 Save $30.00 off all Reseller Plans!
AUCTION12 Godaddy Auction Discount-save more then 40%
 Glendale Computer Repair



























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How to Fix the “Couldn’t Install on USB or SD Card” error message on Android

Have you ever seen this message on your Android phone? I have been an avid user of Android since the very first Android Google Phone; the T-Mobile G1. I am now using the T-Mobile G2 which is really a HTC Desire Z and I love it. Now I have my eyes set on the G2x. I have never really experienced any problems with my phones until the other day. The market would show I have several updates that needed to be installed. I’d click the “Update All” icon and wait for them all to download. This is where I started noticing a problem. All the installations were for some reason unsuccessful. After clicking on the Installation was unsuccessful notification I would get an error message similar to the one here that said “Installation Error: Couldn’t install on USB storage or SD Card.” As you can imagine this to be super frustrating. What’s this? An Angry Birds update? Awesome! WHAT?!?! NOOOO! It’s not updating! I tried several basic troubleshooting steps like powering down the phone and powering it back on, mounting and unmounting the SD card, pulling the battery and SD card and replacing; nothing.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to fix the problem without losing any of your data. Although you will not lose your data it is always good practice to back it up before tampering with it. Please follow these instructions to get rid of this annoying Android caused Error Message. As far as I am aware all Android phones are prone to this message at one point or another. The problem appears to stem from a corrupt app installation and the temporary/cache file needs to be cleared.


  1. Plug the phone into your computer via USB cable.
  2. Tap the “Turn on USB Storage” on your device.
  3. Copy the contents of your SD Card / “Removable Disk” to a safe place on your computer. *If you do not have a current backup of your data.
  4. Find and Open the .android_secure folder on your Android’s SD Card.
  5. Find the file named smdl2tmp1.asec and rename it to smdl2tmp1.asec_backup.
  6. Tap the “Turn off USB Storage” button on your phone.
  7. Unplug your phone, power it off, and power it back on.
This method will fix the error message and get you using the latest Android Market apps and games.
Please let us know how this method works for you!
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Dell Inspiron 1440 Resurrection

Dell and HP are some of our favorite laptops to work on because of how easy the systems are to repair and their customer service is awesome! If you can get past the language barrier that is. Plus their support sites have just about every piece of information and software readily available for download. We worked on this Dell Inspiron 1440 which would not boot. Have you ever seen a computer boot up to a white blinking cursor? Nasty stuff right? No safe mode, no command prompt, no system restore, nothing.

First thing we think about is the data sitting on the drive and whether or not it is recoverable. Fortunately, we were able to back up all of the data sitting on the drive. The backup took nearly 15 hours combined. The drive was near death and the read / write speeds were terrible. We were finally able to backup the clients movies, music, pictures, documents, and everything else important. We performed the backup by pulling out the Western Digital hard drive and plugging it into a USB to IDE / SATA adapter. This tool is so important and makes life much easier when trying to get at information sitting on a drive. Simply plug in the old hard drive to the device, plug the device into a known working computer and within seconds you will have full access to the drive and can copy the files. Once you have the files in a safe spot you can play around with the old drive all you want. Ideally, everyone should already have a backup of their data but they don’t.

The problem we have seen recently with repairing newer laptops and desktops is the manufacturers not providing restorations discs for the computers. Manufacturers are putting the restoration software on secondary partitions on the drives which is fine until the drive completely fails; then what? Users rarely use the Restoration Disc creator software to burn the media onto disc before computers dies. If you are in need of restoration discs try calling your computer manufacturer to get a hold of them. In most cases the registered user can call up the manufacturer and demand they mail them a copy of the restoration discs free of charge. We called Dell and ask them to provide the discs but they needed us to provide the registered owners name, mailing address and phone number. This laptop has swapped hands a couple times but we were able to eventually track down all of the required information and one business day later we had the software in hand from Dell.

We ran several hard drive diagnostic tools and were not able to save the drive itself. Fortunately, hard drives are reasonably priced and it’s always cheaper to buy a new drive than to have the old drive physically repaired. We replaced the dead drive with a brand new one, restored the operating system (Windows 7), and restored the previously backed up personal files. The laptop is now ready to be returned to the owner. We are sure they will be happy with the system; it is better than new now!